Collierville is a charming town in Memphis. It’s a must-see on any trip to Tennessee. Collierville has an ideal balance of old-school charm and 21st-century blasting tech. Collierville is a must stop for anyone interested in discovering the real Tennessee. Because of its fascinating past, delicious cuisine, and lively culture, you’ll find an exhaustive resource for recreational opportunities in Collierville, Tennessee. Here are our favorite things to do in Collierville!

Visit the Old Town Square

Collierville Historic Train Depot at night (Collierville Histori

The origins of Collierville as a tiny farming town in the early 1800s can be traced back by the Town Square. The Plaza, located in the heart of the expanding city, soon became the focal point for all economic, social, and political life in the community. Several new buildings and improvements have been added to the Square throughout the years, yet the area has kept its medieval feel.

Everyone interested in Collierville’s past should make a point of visiting the town’s historic center, known as the Historic Town Square. The Town Square is home to many local landmarks and historical sites, including the Morton Museum, a beautifully restored train depot, and the world-famous Collierville Water Tower. Take a stroll through the Town Square and take in the beautiful architecture of the buildings, or visit one of the many parks.

The movie “The Client,” starring Susan Sarandon and Tommy Lee Jones, was partially shot in the Old Town Square in Collierville, Tennessee. As the courtroom, the courthouse on the plaza played an important role in the movie. Movie writer and Mississippi native John Grisham adapted his own work for the screen.

Visit the Collierville Museum of History

Collierville Museum of History

The Collierville History Museum can be found in the original Collierville train depot, constructed in 1873. Since its establishment in the middle of the nineteenth century, Collierville has had a museum where visitors can learn about the town’s history through artifacts, photographs, and papers.

The museum is a one-of-a-kind resource for discovering Collierville and its environs’ extensive past. The exhibits provide a detailed look at the evolution of the city over time, beginning with prehistoric times and ending in the present day. You’ll learn more about the town’s history and how major events like the Civil War affected its residents.

Take a Trip in W.C. Johnson Park

W.C. Johnson Park

W.C. Johnson Park is a 34-acre green space located in the middle of Collierville, Tennessee. This park is home to several amenities including walking trails, a picnic area, a playground, and a pond for fishing. The park is a great place for a day out with the kids, a romantic picnic, or some quiet reflection time alone. Sports like soccer, tennis, and Frisbee golf can all be played on the green.

The red caboose at the park’s entrance is one of the park’s most recognizable landmarks. The caboose commemorates the Memphis and Charleston Railroad’s role in the development of the city. The restored train car looks exactly like the one that once carried passengers, and guests are welcome to board and take a look around.

Johnson Park is known for its many attractions, one of which is a splash pad where children and their parents can cool off on hot summer days. Sprinklers, fountains, and misters are just some of the interactive water features found in the splash pad, which will keep kids (and adults) entertained for hours.

Outdoor concerts, festivals, and seasonal celebrations are just some of the events that take place in Johnson Park all through the year. Weddings, family reunions, and other large gatherings are frequently held in the park’s spacious pavilion.

Shopping Avenue at Carriage Crossing

Carriage Crossing

Collierville is home to the upscale Avenue Carriage Crossing. The outdoor shopping center features a wide variety of stores, including popular names like Sephora and Williams-Sonoma, Louis Vuitton and much more.

The mall not only has numerous retail stores, but also a wide variety of restaurants serving everything from quick bites to full-course meals. Seasonal festivals, live music, and other special events can all be found on Shopping Avenue at Carriage Crossing.

Visitors and shoppers alike will enjoy the lively and celebratory atmosphere created by these events, which will draw even more people to the center. There is something for everyone here, whether you’re looking for a place to grab a quick bite with some pals or a more intimate setting for a special occasion meal for two.

Made With Love in Collierville Dishes

Made With Love in Collierville Dishes

Collierville’s Southern-inspired cuisine is delicious. Collierville has something for every foodie, from Southern comfort food to modern creations. Barbeque is a Collierville favorite. The town has many barbecue joints that serve slow-cooked, seasoned, and smoked meats. You’ll find the perfect barbecue spot for pulled pork, beef brisket, or chicken. Collierville also loves fried chicken. Many local restaurants serve their famous fried chicken with mac and cheese, collard greens, and cornbread. Fried chicken is a perfect comfort food.

Events at H.W. Cox Jr. Park

Events at H.W. Cox Jr. Park

Collierville’s 50-acre H.W. Cox Jr. Park hosts many annual events. The park has a playground, baseball field, soccer field, and amphitheater. Visit the Collierville Farmers Market, Fourth of July, and Sunset on the Square concert series. The following activities are available at H.W. Cox Jr. Park:

  1. Concerts and Music Festivals: The park hosts a variety of concerts and music festivals featuring a wide range of musical genres throughout the year. Regardless of whether you prefer rock, country, blues, or jazz, there is certain to be an event that you will enjoy.
  2. Multiple sports fields and courts are available at H.W. Cox Jr. Park, making it an ideal location for sporting events. The park hosts multiple tournaments throughout the year, including softball, soccer, basketball, and volleyball.
  3. The park is a popular location for holiday celebrations, including Easter egg hunts, Fourth of July fireworks displays, and Christmas light displays.
  4. If you are a foodie, you will not want to miss the park’s food festivals. From barbecue competitions to chili cook-offs, there is always a delectable dish to sample.
  5. Art and Craft Fairs: Throughout the year, the park hosts art and craft fairs where you can purchase handcrafted items from local artisans and merchants.
  6. Family Fun Days: Throughout the year, H.W. Cox Jr. Park hosts numerous family-friendly events, including movie nights, carnivals, and picnics. These events are ideal for families with young children because they provide a fun and secure atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

Overall, H.W. Cox Jr. Park is a vibrant and active location that provides a variety of events and activities for all to enjoy. Whether you seek music, sports, food, art, or family-friendly entertainment, the park has something to offer you. 

Old Train Station: Learn & Explore

Old Train Station Collierville

The Historic Railroad Depot, located in the heart of Collierville, is a beautifully restored train depot. The town’s main train station was constructed in 1873 and remained in use until the 1950s. The depot is currently a museum and event space, hosting weddings, parties, and other celebrations frequently.

The Old Train Station serves as a museum detailing Collierville’s extensive railroad history. The museum houses a collection of artifacts, such as old photographs, maps, and railroad-related items. Visitors can explore the museum’s exhibits to learn how railroads influenced the town’s economic development and growth.

All the given factors combined make up for a really nice city to live in, hence there is a lot of people moving to Collierville.